Oral Systemic Health

Oral Systemic Health pertains to maintenance of proper oral flora and prevention of dental diseases, both of which are linked to overall health and wellness.

Many general infections and nutritional deficiencies often start in the mouth, may affect other organs of the body, and can lead to serious health issues.

Mouth lesions and other dental discrepancies are frequently signs of other systemic diseases.

The field of dentistry plays a major role in educating the patient about Oral Systemic Health and the important connection to overall health. Regular dental appointments, which should begin in infancy, help ensure the early detection of any oral problems. Prevention is especially beneficial to medically and genetically challenged patients who are prone to development of oral diseases, including rampant caries, cancer and periodontal disorders.

To make a difference in your patients’ health, you must first uncover opportunities and challenges to growing your Oral Systemic Practice.

If you get the “why” of oral systemic health, allow us to show you the ‘how.”

The Oral Systemic Practice Effectiveness Study does just that, in easy-to-understand language, with equally simple to apply recommendations.

The purpose of the Study is to independently demonstrate for later publication the characteristics of the successful Oral Systemic Practice Growth Strategy.

Qualifying Participants receive:

1. Practice Opportunities Assessment:
Identifies who you are, what you do, for whom you do it, and why to differentiate and grow your Oral Systemic Practice.

2. Geo/Demographic Analysis:
Identifies populations that are receptive to your unique Oral Systemic Offering.

3. Analysis of Internet Marketing Potential:
Website Report Card evaluates how well your website Attracts, Impresses, and Motivates Whole Body Health patients.

4. 90-Minute Case Presentation:
Ddelivered by Daniel A. Bobrow, MBA,
AAOSH Founding Board & Executive Committee Member.

5. Oral Systemic Practice Marketing Plan INCLUDING:
Recommendations, Timeline, and Budget to achieve your Practice Enhancement Objectives.

The Study, normally $995, is only being offered without cost or obligation to qualifying practices. Why? Because we want to make a difference as much as you do.

To be considered for the Oral Systemic Practice Marketing Study, please first view the following (appx. 6 minute) video, then complete the short form below:



Call Daniel Bobrow at 312-455-9488
Email: DBobrow@OralSystemicHealth.com

Professionals with relevant depth of knowledge and experience work with you one-on-one to grow your Oral Systemic Practice.

What People Are Saying:

“Danny is knowledgeable, thorough, and thoughtful. He works with the kind of commitment and honesty that people appreciate. The response exceeded my expectations. I’m very happy to be associated with him and ADM!”
– Peter S. Evans, MS, DDS, MAGD, The Biocompatible Dentist, LLC

“On behalf of the Midwest Society of Periodontology, we would like to thank you very much for your presentation to our group on Sunday, February 26, 2017, at our Annual Meeting at the Renaissance Hotel in Chicago. The feedback I received was very positive. We are happy to have you present to our membership.”
– Greg Fauth, D.D.S., Executive Director, MSP

“I’ve known Danny for over 20 years. He is a marketing genius who also shows an amazing degree of commitment to, and compassion for his clients, students, subscribers, and attendees. Most important, he delivers results.”
– Linda Miles, Virginia Beach, VA

STUDY CREATOR: Daniel A. Bobrow, MBA (finance), MBA (marketing) Is:

  1. Founding AAOSH Board & Executive Committee Chair.
  2. President of AIM Dental Marketing which has helped grow dental practices since 1989.
  3. A Certified Health Coach and Personal Trainer.
  4. Creator, Host and Moderator of the Practice Perfection© web-based Education Series.
  5. Executive Director of Climb For A Cause and The Smile Tree, both of which fund and maintain oral health education and treatment projects overseas.
  6. Creator and Coach of The Art of First Impressions Patient Communications Service.
  7. A much sought-after Speaker and Coach

These are the Seven Pillars of Support Mr. Bobrow uses to support practices committed to an oral systemic health model.